Ever think; where has my libido gone? Lack of sexual desire could be a symptom of depression, or a side effect of taking antidepressants meds or a combination of both.

While antidepressant meds can boost energy, enhance a positive mood and aid with sleeping better, studies have indicated nearly 40% of people taking prescription antidepressants experience negative sexual side effects.


While depressed woman may ignore the signs, feeling even more depressed and ignoring their physical needs, and suppressing sexual thoughts or fantasies. Men will often seek help with male enhancement supplements.


A daily dietary male enhancer supplement will work to increase sexual desire, enhance testosterone production, boost blood flow – all of which will help get you in the mood for love making.


Therapists also suggest that when you are feeling down do activities together you’re your loved one like watching adult films together, writing each other love notes, sexual role playing, having intimate moments of cuddling, kissing, and giving back rubs all of which are pleasurable and intimate making you feel closer which may then lead to sexual pleasure and activity.


Look for a sexual enhancer supplement that includes Catuaba Bark Extract an aphrodisiac that used in combination with Muira Puama is thought to nourish the sex organs, increase sexual desire and enhance sexual activity as well. Ginseng is believed to promote energy and vitality and the powerhouse of them all; Yohimbe will enhance the erection and rev up the libido.