There are some aspects about the male organ that are informative and interesting but are not yet known by too many people. For instance, did you know that it is essential to have regular erections to ensure that the organ stays in shape? This is a medical fact and it is proven that those who do not get regular erections are likely to notice their organ becomes shorter as the genital tissue can lose its elasticity and shrink over time.

One fact that is sure to make all you men happy is that your organ is actually twice the size that you think it is. This is because half the actual length of the male genital is inside your pelvis, attached to the pubic bone. Another not so fun, but true tidbit is that an organ is a thriving ground for different kinds of bacteria. Circumcision helps rid some of these, but not all. But with modern day daily showers and hygiene, this fact matters little anymore. 

Yet another helpful tip is that certain male enhancement pills can help to make your sexual experience more fun and memorable. Pills containing L-arginine and Catuaba Bark have been found to be particularly effective in this.