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Natrolex Review:

NatrolexThis pill is a natural product that is purported to work for certain problems of male sexuality. It's relatively new so it’s hard to talk in-depth about this product but it does have many of the right ingredients. It contains extract from Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng as well as a number of other ingredients known for giving men a healthy erection. They just may not have enough. One of the problems we have is that while the product seems to be somewhat decent at first glance the company is unknown, furthermore, they actually act as an affiliate for other male enhancement pills so it’s hard to say if they are backing up their own products.

On the plus side, they are made in the United States but we do not see a seal that the labs are Current Good Manufacturing Procedure certified (cGMP) which is something you always MUST look for when purchasing an ingestible product. That is something that should be non-negotiable. It maintains that the site and the ingredients are inspected over time by the regulating authorities which are important. This site also indicates they include Yohimbe, but it doesn’t say how much is actually included in the formula, again a significant feature when selling a male enhancement supplement.

They have plastered “50% Off” all over the website, but it’s a scam… you get 50% off if you buy 6 months worth. The capsules seem to be easy to swallow but that’s pretty much the end of the advantages.

NatrolexThey indicate that there are studies but we cannot find them. They don’t offer free shipping unless you’re buying 5 bottles which isn’t outlandish but there are products on this site which offer free shipping for smaller purchases.

Their contact page does not mention the name of the company, a phone number, or address of the company. In short the product seems alright, but the company and the support is missing.

There are so many products in the male enhancement category that it’s hard to tell if something is good simply based on a website. That’s why our team at Meteor100.com has been reviewing and reporting on the most common brands.

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Irexis ™ is one of the most reputable male enhancement supplements of its category, selling since 2004. The labs are federally inspected, customer service is superbly attentive, and the product is backed by a full money back guarantee.

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Irexis Reviewed by Meteor100 on 2018-6-18 . Rating: 18%

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