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Pumps, Weights & Surgeries

Dispelling the Myths About Penis Pumps, Penis Weights, and Penis Surgeries

Have you ever been embarrassed or felt anxious about your performance in bed and wondered if you could satisfy your partner with your “small penis?”

Have you ever felt acutely conscious when you saw your partner looking at your penis as you stepped out of the shower?

Opinion still remains divided as to what determines the size of the penis. But in the last few years, science has made incredible progress and has found out how the size of the penis can be enlarged. Despite these advances, myths abound regarding the means to enlarge the size of the penis. Here’s a discussion to expound these myths.

Myth 1: Using Penis Weights for Enlargement
This is an extremely dangerous method and DO NOT ever attempt it. Not only is there no scientific evidence that using weights leads to enlargement of the penis but you also run a serious risk of damaging your muscles. There are in fact, countless instances when men have caused irreparable damage to their genital area after using weights.
There is absolutely no basis to the claim that using weights increases the size of the penis. Besides, think about this—do you really want to hang a weight from your penis! Your penis is a muscle; would hanging weights from your bicep make your bicep stronger? Uh, no!

Myth 2: Using Penis Pumps for Enlargement
This is a common misconception that has led many a man to use a vacuum pump to increase the length of the penis. And here’s what they ended up with:

  • Damaged and broken blood vessels and capillaries
  • Impotence
  • Problems with urination and its flow
  • Severe inflammation
  • Skin blotches

Myth 3: Paying for a Penis Surgery Enlargement
Penis enlargement surgeries can be extremely dangerous. They can not only cause disfiguration but also trigger a host of side effects like erectile dysfunction and impaired functioning of the prostate gland. So, here’s a warning for you that the possible adverse repercussions of a penis enlargement surgery are far greater and graver than any of its gains, which are not even assured.

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