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Zytenz Review:

Zytenz has a clean website that makes many promises and a money back guarantee, but there is a problem that this clean site makes very apparent in its simplicity. Where is the ingredient list? How exactly is this new product supposed to work? Based on the ingredients how exactly is this pill going to deliver? That’s the #1 problem we have with this site but read below to see the problem we have with the product itself.

After some arduous work, we did actually get our hands on the product ingredient list. The product ingredients include the following:

ZytenzThe top 6 listed ingredients which means these are the most active are:
* Niacin Vitamin B6
* Magnesium
* Zinc
* Copper
* Chromium

This pill is essentially a vitamin. The fact that it has metal from the periodic table of the elements does not actually make your penis stand on end as if it were as hard as metal. It does not work that way. That’s not to say these aren’t essential everyday nutrients the body requires. But you can get these from a multivitamin. The reason you shop for male enhancement online, is to get what YOU CAN NOT in your pharmacy.

Here what Zytenz DOES NOT include:
* Yohimbe
* Maca
* l-arginine
* Catuba bark

ZytenzThese last four listed ingredients, when properly blended in the right amounts and formulated in a quality delivery system, may actually address the need for a longer, stronger, penile erection. Yohimbe and Maca have been used for centuries, L-arginine and Catuba are vital in an enhancement elongation erectile pill. Any male enhancement product missing any of these ingredients - and certainly most should be adding or using Ginseng, is not delivering a quality product. Additionally they want you to take it 3 times daily.

Here are some of the positives
• They have a 90 day money back guarantee.
• It’s a healthy vitamin.
• The pricing is cheap for a male enhancer but expensive for a vitamin which it is

Here are the negatives
• The company has NO about us page,
• The company has NO phone number to call
• The manufacturer is NOT named on the site
• The ingredients are NOT vital for male performance.

This company is in just for the short run, they are not reachable either on the site or through a contact listing. No company name, no company phone number, no company address, no “about us” page. No thank you!

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Irexis Reviewed by Meteor100 on 2018-6-18 . Rating: 18%

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